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Twitter mocks Kellyanne Conway for her ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ alternative fact

In an effort to justify the ban on immigration from Muslim-majority countries signed off on by President Trump, chief Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway on Thursday presented a set of “alternative facts,” referencing a supposed terrorist attack in Bowling Green, Kentucky committed by Iraqi refugees.

Conway insisted that “most people don’t know [about it] because it didn’t get covered,” despite the reality that “most people” don’t know about it because it never happened.

It seems most likely that Conway was referring to the case of two Iraqi refugees, Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, who in 2011 were arrested in Bowling Green, Kentucky for allegedly plotting to send money and weapons to insurgents in Iraq. Additionally, the FBI’s discovery of their fingerprints on roadside bombs detonated in 2005 exposed a problem with the refugee screening process at the time, leading the Obama administration to approve a new review of all roughly 57,000 Iraqi refugees who had been recently admitted into the United States.

Conway is already well known for her use of the term “alternative facts” in her defense of press secretary Sean Spicer‘s provably false claims that Trump’s inauguration was the most widely attended in history. The ease with which she stated that a terrorist attack took place in Bowling Green, Kentucky, while also lying that the Obama administration had not instated a more careful screening process but an outright ban on Iraqi refugees does nothing to improve her reputation for dishonesty.

Fortunately for anyone seeking comedic relief from all the cringe of today’s politics, Twitter responded appropriately:

And, on a more serious note, this one plea for honesty and morality by former first daughter Chelsea Clinton:



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