Twitter’s debate commentary and fact checking blows away any cable news pundit

The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went off pretty much as expected: while Hillary didn’t dazzle, she sat back and let a mad man run his mouth and she came out looking sane.

Jake Tapper of CNN described Clinton’s debate strategy aptly:

“She would say something, just to dangle out like a piece of meat in front of a rabid wolf, and he would go for it every single time,” Tapper said, adding that the tactic repeatedly took Trump “completely off message.”

“But no contrary facts, not one!” Tapper said incredulously.

Aside from the drama on the debate stage, social media once against showed why it offers a thousand times better commentary — and fact-checking — than any cable news pundit can.

Twitter nailed the perfect hashtag for the evening — #TrumpTrainWreck.

And best of all:

Sky Palma

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