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Twitter’s mockery of Alex Jones’ Putinesque horse pic is what you need right now

Alex Jones had a rough day-and-a-half.

After Wikileaks’ Julian Assange failed to deliver on his much-anticipated “October Surprise” event, which instead was more of a “crypto-anarchist equivalent of a NPR pledge drive” according to Salon’s Brendan Gauthier, Jones had an on-air meltdown.

“You said it would get her indicted!” Jones fumed. “He was promising this damning evidence and he doesn’t release it now 34 days out and now he’s saying he’ll release it by the end of the year, so that smacks of a sell-out.”

Jones even managed to introduce a new conspiracy theory about how Clinton might have offered Assange a deal to keep quiet, but the majority of his rant was dedicated to what a disappointment Assange was.

Then this happened.


Either way, Twitter unsurprisingly had a field day with Jones’ Putinesque image of himself atop a mighty steed, looking into the camera with a nervous smile as if he had inadvertently sat squarely on his right nutsack.

The next tweet pointed out how Jones may not be the most experienced person who rides horses. Most notable in the critique is the fact the the “lead rope” is showing, suggesting that the horse was led out by someone else — not ridden out by Jones himself.



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