Two sisters pummel each other in vicious fistfight while whitewater rafting

This is the most insane case of sibling rivalry ever.

Whitewater rafting is a great way to get out and witness the wonders of nature. Nature isn’t always pretty, and sometimes the mammalian struggle for survival can manifest itself in unexpected ways.

Combine that brutal truth with the most intense sibling rivalry ever, and you can get some fascinating video like the one below.

Cody Maple was floating on a raft in choppy waters with his group when they came across another raft that was hosting an all-out brawl between two sisters completely oblivious to the boat captain yelling at them to stop. “Stop it, you f*ckers!”

Just when the fight seems to be over, one of the sisters grabs hair gets right back into the mix.


[DailyDot] Featured image via YouTube



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