TYT Politics: Bernie Sanders ‘is the only candidate’ who stood up for African Americans

The Young Turks recently interviewed South Carolina resident Carlton Boyd, discussing the Confederate flag finally coming down from the state capitol. Boyd points out that people have been fighting for that flag to come down for a long time, and it took the deaths of 9 people in a church to finally make that happen.

Boyd himself is a Sanders supporter, explaining that Sanders “is the only candidate on either side who… has spoken to issues that directly affect African Americans and have affected African Americans for years, even when it was unpopular.”

“Police brutality, it’s such a taboo subject,” Boyd says. But Sanders spoke out regardless. “He took that risk of people not endorsing him, and in my opinion, that… speaks volumes.”

Boyd and his friends are not as interested in crony capitalism and Wall Street because they can’t afford it. “Wall Street is so far removed,” Boyd says, especially when you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck.

The interview ends with TYT reporter Jordan Chariton asking when we can expect Boyd’s senatorial race, which is a great question. Boyd made for a great and insightful interview — definitely required viewing.

Check it out below:

Caitlin Cohen

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