U.K. right-wing party leader admits on live TV that his pro-Brexit campaign promise was a ‘mistake’

As Brits woke up to discover that they had voted themselves out of the European Union this Friday, Nigel Farage, the Independence Party leader who was one of the most vocal pro-Brexit advocates, walked back one of the campaign’s key promises — that leaving the European Union would allow the U.K. to spend £350 million on its National Health Service.

“It was a mistake,” Farage said, referring to the promise.

Farage’s astounding admission came during an appearance on Good Morning Britain after he was asked if the promise was still good since Brexit had won.

“No I can’t, and I would have never made that claim,” Farage said. “It was one of the mistakes I think the ‘leave’ campaign made.”

As GMB host Susanna Reid pressed him further, saying that the bold promise likely influenced the 17 million Brits who voted in favor of the U.K leaving the EU, Farage fumbled as he tried to avoid responsibility for the campaign promise.

“Do you think there are other things that people will wake up this morning and find out aren’t going to happen?” Reid asked.


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