UK issues travel warning to its LGBT citizens, warning them not to travel to N.C. and Mississippi 

The UK Foreign Office made some revisions to its travel advisory on Tuesday, warning British LGBTQ tourists about the recent anti-gay and anti-trans laws in North Carolina and Mississippi.

The travel advisory states:

“The US is an extremely diverse society and attitudes towards LGBT people differ hugely across the country. LGBT travelers may be affected by legislation passed recently in the states of North Carolina and Mississippi. Before travelling please read our general travel advice for the LGBT community.”

North Carolina is suffering major backlash from passing HB2, which forbids transgender people from using certain bathrooms and lockers and nullifies local LGBT nondiscrimination laws that were in place before. Multiple business, musicians, and progressive cities have responded by boycotting the state.

According to Media Matters, the state has already lost out on $86 million and stands to lose upwards of an additional $481 million due to cancelled events, businesses leaving the area, and tourism declines if HB2 is not repealed.

Mississippi’s measure legalizes discrimination against LGBT people in housing, employment, and public sectors. It also bans trans students in public schools from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.

The British government’s primary concern is that its LGBTQ citizens visiting these states might be denied service or be ejected from their hotel, since discrimination is now fully legal under the new laws.

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