Called Out

UK newspaper names and shames people who posted threatening comments about Greta Thunberg

The Bristol Post went nuclear on commenters who made ghoulish remarks about Greta Thunberg.

When teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg announced that the English city of Bristol would be her next stop last month, the news created quite a buzz among locals. As numerous outlets covered the event, scores of commenters descended on various articles to express their dislike for Thunberg. As the Bristol Post points out, the thousands of negative comments focused on “familiar themes,” such as “questioning the validity of climate science, questioning the rights of children to go ‘on strike’ from school, questioning young people’s use of technology, transport and general carbon footprint and complaining about the disruption of the city centre’s roads being closed.”

But there were also a lot of comments that were disturbingly dark, ranging from disparaging Thunberg’s appearance to calling for physical violence to be carried out against her.

“The people who were appearing to make those suggestions of physical actions and violence were very often parents and grandparents themselves,” the Bristol Post’s Tristan Cork wrote. So Cork took the unusual step of exposing some of those people to the Post’s readers, sharing screenshots of their social media profiles along with the comments they posted:

For more comments, check out the full article at the Bristol Post.

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