Update: Anonymous-affiliated Twitter accounts argue as FBI says threats ‘not credible’

Yesterday, Anonymous claimed that ISIS planned to attack several different cities on Sunday, including a WWE event in Atlanta. After investigation, the FBI announced that it did not believe that the threat was credible.

J. Britt Johnson, head of the FBI field office in Atlanta, announced that while the FBI was aware of the threats and alerted regional police of the situation, they did not believe that any immediate threat exists.

“While we take all threats seriously, we do not have specific or credible information of an attack at this time,” said Johnson.

Anonymous’s loose organization makes it very difficult to access whether its information is accurate or reliable. Any hacker can claim to be a part of Anonymous and do work in their name. The report of ISIS’s “International Day of Terror”– which warned of attacks in Atlanta, Rome, and Paris, among several other cities, came from OpParisIntel, an affiliate of Anonymous.

The WWE released a statement shortly after the first reports of an attack surfaced, saying that the event will continue as scheduled with increased security. The FBI will work with police and security providers to assure that the event will be safe. Doors will open an hour earlier to accommodate for the heightened security measures.

In the meantime, the Anonymous-affiliated Twitter account using the handle OpParisIntel that first released the warning has deleted its entire timeline.

The now-deleted tweet was posted Saturday, saying “Deash plans to attack Paris and the world on the 22nd of November, confirmed! #22Daesh #OpParis ~Anonymous.”

#OpParis is distancing itself from the story, slamming other accounts claiming to be affiliated with Anon for spreading “fake news.”



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