US court rules Trump must hand over financial records to Congress


A congressional subpoena seeking financial records from former President Donald Trump’s accounting firm Mazars was upheld for the most part by a U.S. appeals court on Friday, although the court’s ruling said that some records didn’t have to be turned over, Reuters reports.

According to the court, the range of material sought by the subpoenas was “overbroad,” adding that lawmakers can only subpoena documents closely tied to legislation they are considering.

From Reuters:

Trump has decried the probe as politically motivated. Friday’s opinion rejected or declined to take up several of Trump’s legal arguments, including that the subpoenaed information could not be used for legislation.

The ruling allows the House committee to obtain some records connected to the Trump hotel lease, as well as records tied to allegations that Trump violated financial disclosure laws and may have breached the Constitution’s “emoluments” clause, which prevents federal officeholders from accepting payments from foreign governments without congressional approval.

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