VA congressional candidate: If fathers want to rape their children, it’s no one else’s business

A Northern Virginia candidate for Congress spoke with a local CBS affiliate this Friday and expanded on his views which include his belief that adults have the right to have sex with children.

Nathan Larson, an Independent who is running for Virginia’s 10 Congressional District , thinks it’s okay for adults to have sex with children. He also wants to make pedophilia legal.

Speaking to WUSA9, Larson said “the state should not interfere with people’s decisions” — decisions that make include the rape of children.

When asked by WUSA9’s Peggy Fox about the fact that his beliefs ignore the rights of children, Larson replied, “Well, like with girls, I just believe that it should be for fathers to make those decisions. I believe in the patriarchal order.”

Larson, who lost custody of his daughter from a previous marriage, said that he never had sex with his daughter but would like to, according to WUSA9. When pressed on the harm that child rape causes, Larson dismissed the notion, saying that the law doesn’t give children “the full rights as adults” anyway.

This is not Larson’s first foray into politics. After doing a 16-month stint in prison for threatening to kill former President Obama, he ran for a state delegate seat in Prince William County last year.

After seeing WUSA9’s story, child abuse victim and advocate Lauren Book said that Larson promotes a “repugnant platform” which “glorifies rape, pedophilia and anti-Semitism.”

Larson is a predator who should be locked up — not elected to high office. The overt and cavalier boasting of violence should sound an alarm that he is a threat to humanity. Every 98 seconds, someone in the United States will become a victim of sexual assault. Child sexual abuse is a trauma experienced by an estimated 42 million people in America, and the number grows daily. Sexual violence shatters lives and leaves victims to heal through life-long emotional, physical, and financial consequences. To have a congressional candidate actively and openly support and practice these assaults is an insult to the kinds of values America stands for.

Watch WUSA9’s report below:

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