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Veteran confronts Marjorie Taylor Greene for her comments saying joining the military is ‘throwing your life away’

While making a stop in her district on her campaign tour this Monday, Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was confronted by a U.S. veteran over her recent comments where she said that joining the U.S. military would be “throwing your life away.”

During her stop, Greene was approached by U.S. Veteran and Chickamauga resident Aleq Boyle, who asked her to clarify her comments “for me to understand.”

“Well, I was talking about how the leadership of this country caused 13 to get killed in Afghanistan, which I’m sure as a veteran that upsets you,” Greene replied. “They armed the Taliban, they now have training in the military — that for woke training — those were the things I was talking about.”

Boyle interjected, telling Greene that the examples she cited have “nothing to do with my service.”

“No sir, I wasn’t talking about your service,” Greene replied. “I was talking about today’s military.”

Greene told Boyle that he has her words “twisted,” to which he responded, “No I haven’t — I heard what you said.”

Watch the exchange below:

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