Veteran journalist lists Trump’s lies and shady business dealings in devastating tweetstorm

Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald has had his sights on Donald Trump for a while now, and he’s done some of the most comprehensive reporting on the GOP nominee’s most shady financial dealings.

This Monday, the veteran journalist and author summarized much of his research surrounding Trump’s antics that he feels disqualifies Trump’s eligibility for the White House.

Lying under oath, lying about his wealth, lying about his college education, lying about his alleged business successes, lying about money he’s inherited, failing to repay loans — it’s quite a litany of underhanded business tactics that in some cases are unquestionably illegal.

Eichenwald breaks it all down in his 26-part tweetstorm:

Eichenwald is still updating his tweetstorm. Check it out here.

Sky Palma

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