VIDEO: As ‘Fainting Lady Truther’ conspiracies spread, conservative website posts video as ‘proof’

There’s no doubt that the most memorable moment from Obama’s recent Rose Garden speech addressing problems with the website, was the diabetic pregnant woman who almost fainted while standing behind the president.

The woman was identified as Karmel Allison, a computational biologist from San Diego CA.

Allison, who was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes as a child, was invited with other potential beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act to appear with Obama as he delivered his speech.

But immediately after the incident, a surge of conspiracy theories from various conservative pundits and bloggers began to emerge, claiming the incident was “staged” as a way to divert focus from the technical problems surrounding the ACA’s government website.

Gaining wide attention was a video posted to the hard-right, a website that dabbles in birtherism and Muslim fear-mongering.

The creator of the video was frequent Lady Patriot contributor Dr. Sharon Schuetz, who “couldn’t believe how phony” the fainting incident was.

“For some strange reason, Obama has to have props around him when he does one of his con-jobs in the Rose Garden, or wherever he chooses to receive his worshipers,” Dr. Schuetz writes. “This was no different, except that he had animated props this time. Although it was well staged there were enough holes in this little scene to drive the proverbial truck through.”

Watch her theory in the video below:

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