Christopher Hitchens knew how to deal with 9/11 truthers

Christopher Hitchens was a master when it came to debating. It’s hard to imagine a challenge that he would walk away from without engaging it directly.

And while that is true, there was a certain topic that he wouldn’t waste his time or intellect with, and that was 9/11 conspiracy theories. Back in 2007 during his book tour for God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, Hitchens was on stage having a discussion with Tim Rutten. During the Q&A period, a man grabbed the microphone and challenged Hitchens to look at the “myth” of that day:

“Being that anyone with moral and intellectual fortitude who looks at the evidence of [September 11th] sees that no Al Qaeda or jihadi had the means to schedule the war games that actually stood down…”

“Hold it right there,” Hitchens interrupted.

Stunned, and after a few minutes of protesting, the man sat back in his seat and let out an exasperated, “WOW!”

“That’s a big ‘wow’ from a small mind,” Hitchens shot back.


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