VIDEO: Clinic defenders record confrontation with anti-abortion protester

The Last Abortion Clinic is a blog dedicated to defending Mississippi’s last remaining abortion clinic, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Many of the blog’s founders actually act as escorts to patients of the clinic, protecting them from the harassment of anti-abortion protesters as they try to enter.

The purpose of the blog is to show the public what escorts and patients have to face from anti-abortion activists who assemble on the clinic’s property.

Below is an excerpt from a piece written by Lori Gregory-Garrott

I’ve known Roy,  a constant feature at the clinic and a member of Operation Rescue, (you know, that group who believes they are justified in killing abortion doctors) for about 10 years. I used to write a regular ‘Girls About Town’ column here in Jackson Miss. 10 years ago. I was very open about my liberal ideals and opinions. When I finally got pregnant, I wrote a column about it. Roy wrote me a letter in care of the paper telling me was ‘happy I was keeping my baby.’ This was after several pro-choice columns I had published. So, this idea that he holds the morality for the world isn’t new to Roy. He’s a regular fixture at the Last Clinic and one of the most zealous protesters.

Watch the clinic escorts’ confrontation with Roy in the video below.



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