VIDEO: Egyptian TV journalist refuses to cover her head during interview with Islamic cleric

In a broadcast aired early this May, a well-known Egyptian TV journalist refused to fold to the demands of an Islamic cleric and cover her head during an interview.

The argument between the two began off-air when cleric Yousef Badri insisted that TV presenter Riham Said wear her hijab during the interview — despite having no problems with her uncovered head when the cameras weren’t rolling. The dispute carried over to the live interview during which Said accuses Badri, who is known for his fundamentalist views, of religious double standards and corruption.

The argument culminates with Said ripping off her hijab, declaring, “I’m not going to put it on. I’ll wear it for God but not for you.”

Although the broadcast took place in early May, it’s only now starting to receive international attention due to thousands of social media shares.

Watch the full clip below.

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