Video emerges of Trump praising Putin’s invasion of Ukraine: ‘He’s done an amazing job’

As Donald Trump’s alleged affection for Vladimir Putin becomes more and more apparent, a video has surfaced showing a 2014 interview he did with Eric Bolling of Fox News, where the GOP nominee salivates over Putin’s political style and even praises him for the invasion of Ukraine.

“Well, he’s done an amazing job of taking the mantle,” Trump said of Putin.

“When you look at what he’s doing – so smart. When you see the riots in the country because they’re hurting, the Russians – ‘okay, we’ll go and take it over,’” Trump said of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

In recent weeks, Trump denied having ever met Putin. But in the Fox interview, he contradicts that claim in his own words.

“Interestingly, on the Miss Universe pageant – we just left Moscow. He could not have been nicer,” Trump declared. “He was so nice and so everything, but you have to give him credit that what he’s doing for that country in terms of their prestige is very strong.”

When Bolling asked who Trump thought was a better leader, Putin or Obama, Trump didn’t flinch.

“Well, it’s not even a contest.”

So, a potential president Trump thinks Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a good thing. That’s comforting.




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