VIDEO: Famed street artist Banksy posts satirical film of Islamists shooting down Dumbo

British street artist Banksy posted an interesting video piece to his website this Sunday, depicting Islamic fighters shooting the Disney character Dumbo from the sky with a shoulder-fired missile.

The video seems to splice together actual footage of Islamic fighters, possibly from Syria, and a satirical bit which features a cartoon Dumbo crashing to the ground amid the cries of “Allah hu Akbar!” from the jubilant jihadists. A heartbroken child then wanders into the frame, stares down at the fallen character, and then turns around and kicks one of the fighters in the shin.

Banksy’s work usually consists of satirical social and political commentary and ranges within the mediums of mural, sculpture and installations.

Recently, the artist has been experimenting with film, even achieving an Oscar nomination for his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.

The video has received over 2.5 million hits since yesterday. A caption with the 90-second film reads, “I’m not posting any pictures today. Not after this shocking footage has emerged…”

Watch it:

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