VIDEO: Florida cop violently pushes homeless man to the ground and slaps him across the face

A video going viral online appears to show a Fort Lauderdale police officer violently pushing a man to the ground and then slapping him across the face – all because he apparently wanted to go to bathroom.

According to sources, the incident took place at the Broward Central Bus Terminal in downtown Fort Lauderdale. In the video, an older man who is allegedly homeless walks slowly through the terminal while the officer, who is slipping on latex gloves, follows. The officer then grabs the man’s arm, prompting the man to jerk away with the officer responding by pushing the man to ground.

“F*ck you!” the man says to the officer.

“Relax. I’m telling you right now what’s gonna happen,” the officer responds. “I’m telling you right now what’s gonna happen. I’m escorting you out right now.”

“I want to go pee,” the man protests.

“You’re not going to go pee,” the cop shoots back. “You’re not supposed to pee here.”

The officer once again reaches for the man’s arm, to which the man slightly pulls away. It’s then that the officer slaps the man across the face.

According to Local 10 News, the officer’s name is Victor Ramirez and the man he assaulted is Bruce Laclair. Ramirez has been suspended with pay pending an investigation.

Watch the video below:

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