VIDEO: Fox host Chris Wallace defends Obama on Trayvon Martin comments, says the President believes in ‘teachable moments’

President Obama’s unexpected remarks about Trayvon Martin during a White House press briefing this morning has initiated a wave of criticism from right wing media, some of it unsurprisingly echoing from conservative commentators at Fox News.

But going against the usual narrative this Friday was Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, who said that he doesn’t see how anyone can claim the President is “stoking racial tensions.”

Fox Host Tracy Gallagher questioned Wallace as to whether he saw Obama’s statements as “risky,” to which Wallace replied that didn’t see it that way.

“I thought that the President was trying to put this in context and I think, to a certain degree, he was trying to explain, in a verdict that has been somewhat divisive in this country, why both sides feel the way they do,” Wallace said.

But the President’s remarks that most struck Wallace were in regards to his daughters and the younger generation in general, where he paraphrased the President saying they are “better than people of our ages where in the sense that they’re more color-blind.”

Wallace then praised the President for his “forthright” comments:

“Boy, I sure don’t see how you can read this as in any way stoking racial tensions. This is a president who believes in teachable moments, and I think he felt the desire to be on the record and say what he felt on these issues.”

Watch the video below.

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