VIDEO: Here are 5 incredibly dumb things that anti-vaxxers believe

Most of would like to think that diseases like measles and whooping cough are a thing of the past. But thanks to the rising sentiment against vaccines from the past decade fueled by pseudoscience and charlatans, these diseases are making a comeback in Europe and even the U.S.

As a result of rising anti-vaccine hysteria disseminated by charlatans, vaccination has plummeted throughout the United States and Europe. The anti-vaxxers won’t admit this, but since use of the vaccine has dropped, the incidence of autism has not (which would be the case if their theories were true). But one tangible result of anti-vaccine misinformation is a real rise in diseases that were once brought under control.

A fellow by the name of Steve Shives does a pretty good job of breaking down the illogical thought-process of the anti-vax movement. He makes a very important distinction: “Vaccines aren’t dangerous. Stupid is dangerous.”



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