VIDEO: Jay Carney shoots down Daily Caller’s high school-aged reporter for making ‘ridiculous statement’

It turns out that the Daily Caller reporter who posed a question to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney — is a junior in high school.

Gabe Finger, who is a junior at the Potomac School in Maryland, questioned Carney about reported death threats against George Zimmerman and his family, following up by asking if the family is “on their own.”

“You can editorialize all you want, and I’m sure that you will,” Carney responded. “But that is a ridiculous statement.”

Finger, who told POLITICO that he is 16 years-old, posted the tweet below soon after the exchange.

deadstate gabe finger tweet

According to Jennifer Epstein of POLITICO, while “students interning at news organizations are often brought to the White House briefing, it’s rare for them to ask questions, and even rarer for [a] high schooler to get a question in.”

Watch the exchange in the video below.

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