VIDEO: Jon Stewart warns the Pope that the GOP may end up ‘invading the Vatican’

In a segment from the Daily Show this Thursday, Jon Stewart pointed out that there are two very distinct people on earth who God has a special connection with: The Pope, who is God’s infallible emissary on earth, and the Republican Party — otherwise known as “God’s incredibly infallible emissaries on earth.”

Stewart was referring to Pope Francis’ comments about how obsessed Catholics are with gay marriage and abortion. Slamming Republicans who oppose gay marriage and food stamps using the word of God as justification, Stewart quoted a little-known Bible passage: “Consider the lilies that toil not, so f*ck them, lazy lilies!”

Stewart made sure to warn the Pope that if he keeps talking this nice, the GOP may end up “invading the Vatican.”

Watch the Daily Show segment in the video below.

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