VIDEO: Man armed with rifle walks around schools in ‘exercise of his Second Amendment rights’

This Tuesday in Hillsboro Oregon, police received at least a dozen calls about a man carrying a rifle near schools — apparently as an exercise of his Second Amendment rights.

It all started just after the lunch hour when the man, who refused to identify himself to police, was seen near Ladd Acres Elementary School and R.A. Brown Middle School. According to police, the man was not committing any crime and was not threatening anyone as he walked along the sidewalk. However, officers did say that it was probably poor timing to be carrying a hunting rifle near schools — exactly one day after a gunman shot and killed 12 people at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard.

After the incident, the district safety director sent out a note to school principals instructing them that if the man appears near their school again, they should “go into immediate lock-out” and “secure all doors exterior doors, bring all students in from outside areas, notify staff and continue instruction.”

Watch a report on the incident from KATU in the video below.

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