Video of Biden-Harris bus swarmed by Trump caravan will be used as evidence at impeachment trial

Days before the 2020 election, a vehicle caravan of Trump supporters harassed a Biden-Harris campaign bus as it traveled through Central Texas. Then-President Trump later praised the caravan, tweeting from his now-suspended Twitter account, “I LOVE TEXAS.”

Now, according to reports, it will be part of the U.S. House’s argument against Trump, alleging that he incited violence that led to the storming of the U.S. Capitol.

“October 30, when a caravan of his supporters in Texas attacked a bus full of Biden campaign workers, nearly running it off the road, President Trump tweeted a stylized video of the caravan and captioned it, ‘I LOVE TEXAS!’ Days later, he declared that ‘these patriots’—who could easily have killed a busload of innocent campaign staff—“did nothing wrong,” the House trial memorandum reads.

Wendy Davis, an Austin congressional candidate who was aboard the bud that day, said that the incident was “unnerving for everyone.”

“I would hope that we never get numb enough to that kind of behavior that it’s normal and that it’s okay and, really, that’s what this impeachment trial is about right now,” she told KXAN.

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