VIDEO: ‘Officer of the Year’ caught on tape attacking man who was seeking help from a robbery

An officer from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is under investigation for excessive use of force after he was caught on video attacking a man who was seeking help after a suspected burglary.

Last September, 60 year-old Maryland businessman Brian Hudkins was in town to attend a trade show and had booked a room at the local JW Marriot hotel. An employee of Hudkins, Andrew Davis, was staying at the same hotel and reported that he heard chatter inside his room when he tried to open the door but was unable to.

Both Davis and Hudkins contacted hotel management, informing them that a possible robbery was taking place and to alert the police. Arriving on the scene was Officer Michael Wilson who began a conversation with the two men. But as the video shows, Officer Wilson then inexplicably throws the 60 year-old Hudkins to the ground, leaving him with multiple lacerations.

Writing in his official report, Wilson claims that Hudkins was asked to “quiet down” but refused, sticking his finger in the officer’s face. However, the footage clearly contradicts that claim because Hudkins has his hands behind his back leading up to and at the point of the attack.

In additional footage, Wilson is seen throwing Hudkins on the ground a second time when leading him in handcuffs to a police car.

Back in May, Wilson was named “Officer of the Year.”

Watch the footage from an I-Team 8 report in the video below.

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