VIDEO: Petition asks NRA to remove Ted Nugent from its board for ‘overtly racist’ comments

In the wake of rocker Ted Nugent’s string of racially inflammatory comments about the Trayvon Martin case, a gun control group is petitioning the NRA to remove the musician and right wing activist from its board of directors.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, a group comprised of 47 individual organizations promoting gun control laws, claims that Nugent is intentionally stoking racial divisions and does a disservice to the NRA’s history.

“The NRA likes to bill itself as the ‘oldest civil rights organization in the United States,’ the petition read. “If they want to wear that mantle it’s time for them to walk the walk and end their relationship with Ted Nugent immediately.”

According to the CSGV’s Communications Director, the petition has over 1,600 signatures as of this Thursday morning. “For us, the impetus for this was that we all felt that Nugent was going into, even for himself, new a darker territory with [his rhetoric],” Ladd Everitt said. “This constant stream of quotes has been just so overtly racist. It really calls into why [the NRA] allows this man to sit on their board.”

Nugent has made numerous questionable remarks in the wake of the Travyon Martin case, calling the 17 year-old a “dope-smoking, racist gangsta wannabe,” and writing in the conspiracy theory-promoting World Net Daily that Martin was a “gangsta wannabe Skittles hoodie boy.”

Speaking to Alex Jones on July 16th, Nugent claimed that racism against African Americans is a “dirty lie,” going on to say that “black mobs” are guilty of “the worst racism since the Klan.”

Listen to Nugent’s comments on the Alex Jones Show via Media Matters.

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