VIDEO: Sarah Palin: comments about Chris Christie’s weight are justified since ‘it’s been extreme’

In a bizarre moment during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Sarah Palin was asked about the unfair treatment of women in politics by the media, in which she agreed there was a clear practice of “sexism.” But when Tapper pointed out the derogatory comments about New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s weight by some in the media, Palin seemed to justify the comments by saying Christie’s weight “has been extreme.”

On the subject of sexism in politics, Palin actually expressed solidarity with Hillary Clinton who she agreed was treated unfairly because of her “appearance” and her gender. But her next comments seemed to show a detached air of hypocrisy, since she apparently wasn’t willing to apply those same standards of fairness to someone who is overweight .

“Governor Christie hears about his appearance,” Tapper noted.

“That’s because it’s been extreme, okay,” Palin replied. “It’s hard for some people not to comment on it.”

Watch the clip from CNN in the video below:

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