VIDEO: Sasha Baron Cohen ‘kills’ elderly awards presenter during show

This Saturday during the Britannia Awards, comedic actor Sasha Baron Cohen stunned his audience by “accidentally killing” his elderly award presenter on stage.

After being presented with “Charlie Chaplin’s cane” by a woman who was introduced as 87 year-old Grace Collington, the “oldest surviving actor to have worked with Chaplin in a silent movie,” Cohen took a moment to do a little Charlie Chaplin mimicry before plunging himself into the back of old woman’s wheelchair, sending her plummeting off stage into the audience.

Of course, it was all staged and Collington was actually a stuntwoman, but it didn’t take away from the brilliant ‘execution’ of the prank — which was made obvious by the horrified reaction of some in the audience.

But as Gawker pointed out this Monday, Cohen’s act seemed inspired by a stunt pulled off by legendary comic Andy Kaufman during a bit he did at Carnegie Hall, where the “death” of an alleged last surviving actress took place.


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