Video showing animal rights group stealing dog from its homeless owner ignites social media uproar

In an extremely disturbing video from France that is causing an uproar on the web, members of the so-called animal rights group Cause Animale can be seen taking a terrified, yelping dog from its homeless owner. A witness to this cruelty can be heard shouting, “It’s his dog!” to no avail.

These people seem to be France’s version of PETA, taking their activism for animal “rights” to the level of cruelty. In effect, they’ve become what they claim to hate. The group even made apparently false claims on Facebook, accusing the man of drugging his beloved dog:

“This is Vegan… (a dog kept by a Roma who drugged it on the Parisian sidewalks), in great shape this morning, she can finally run around and not be attached with a piece of rope… Enjoy life to the full.”

It should be noted that discrimination against Roma people in Europe is commonplace.

Perhaps having a homeless owner isn’t the ideal situation for a dog, but the homeless man clearly loves his dog, and the dog clearly wants to stay with him. Homelessness does not mean one is incapable of loving and caring for a pet; in fact, some homeless people with animal companions will make sure their pets eat before they do.

Not surprisingly the video has outraged many people, and a petition calling for an investigation of the group is being circulated. The petition also demands the group provide proof of their claims that the man was drugging his dog.

Watch the disturbing video below:

[Raw Story] Featured image via YouTube

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