January 6

Video shows Capitol rioter touching the Capitol: ‘This is me touching the f***ing White House’

A Iowa QAnon adherent who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was released to home incarceration after a federal judge determined that his lack of understanding regarding the U.S. government, HuffPost reports.

According to U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Kelly, Doug Jensen‘s participation on the storming of the Capitol couldn’t have been premeditated because he thought was at the White House on Jan. 6.

In videos from Jan. 6 that were released publicly on Monday, Jensen can be seen putting his hand on the Capitol building and saying, “This is me, touching the f***ing White House.”

“Storm the White House!” Jensen screamed in another video while filming the Capitol dome. “That’s what we do!”

In one video that circulated after the riot, Jensen can be seen leading a mob of Trump supporters who have already breached the building as they were confronted by a police officer, identified as Eugene Goodman, who repeatedly told them to get back. As Goodman told them to “back up,” Jensen shook his head no and continued to push forward with the mob following his lead. Goodman, clearly overwhelmed and outnumbered, retreated up a flight of stairs and the mob came running after him. He then led the mob into a room where he met with other officers who arrived to back him up.

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