Video shows Florida fire rescue helicopter crash into apartment building, killing two people

An air rescue flight paramedic and a woman who was inside her home were killed this Monday when a fire rescue helicopter crashed into a Florida apartment building, NBC 6 reported.

Three crew members were onboard the Broward Sheriff’s Office Fire Rescue helicopter when it crashed southwest of the Pompano Beach Airpark. Video of the crashed appeared to show that the tail section of the aircraft had some sort of significant damage, as it was seemingly almost detached from the body of the aircraft and was in flames.

From NBC 6:

BSO officials said the chopper was heading to a vehicle crash scene in North Lauderdale when it crashed into a one-story multi-unit apartment building.

Witness footage showed a portion of the building completely on fire with thick black smoke rising into the air.

“On top of the roof was all fire, a big ball of fire, that’s all, and then like I said a second explosion,” witness Ruben Chavez said. “We felt the heat, so that’s when we said ‘okay, we’ve got to go.'”

Watch video of the incident below:

Sky Palma

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