Video shows gigantic Chinese man confront a white tourist for being racist and rude: ‘Apologize to them, apologize to me’

A video posted to TikTok shows a (fairly large) Chinese man confronting a white, Canadian tourist for being rude and “racist” in an airport.

“Excuse me — you need to apologize to me and to them,” the Chinese man tells to the tourist.

“To who? For what?” the tourist asks, pleading ignorance.

“You were saying, ‘get the f*** out of my way. You were saying that. You were racist,” says the man.  “This is China. Apologize to them, apologize to me.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t remember saying that,” the tourist claims.

“I don’t care,” the man fires back. “You don’t remember, I remember.”

The tourist finally apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry,” to the man and the others off camera.

“This is China, don’t be rude. I don’t care what color you are.”

Watch the video below:


This is China!

♬ original sound – 张瓅晨

Sky Palma

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