Video shows Jack-in-the-Box employee pull a gun and shoot at drive-thru customer

Newly released security video shows a Houston Jack-in-the-Box employee pulling a gun and shooting at an angry customer, ABC 7 reported.

In a lawsuit, Anthony Ramos said he and his family ordered a meal at the restaurant before the incident.

From ABC 7:

Ramos, a Florida resident, was in Houston for work after the February freeze. He picked up his pregnant wife and daughter, who was 6 years old at the time, from the airport and stopped at the drive-thru for food. Fifteen minutes later, they were speeding off in an attempt to avoid gunfire.

In newly released video, employee Alonniea Fantasia Ford appears agitated with Ramos. He is in the driver’s seat, his wife is sitting in the front passenger seat, and their daughter is in the back seat. They paid $12.99 for a meal combo, the lawsuit states, but did not get the curly fries they ordered, prompting an argument.

Not even half way into the dispute, the video shows Ford ready a gun. Minutes later and with another employee at the window, she throws ice and condiments, before firing at least twice at the family.

Watch the video below:

Read the full report over at ABC 7.

Sky Palma

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