Video shows man proudly walking down street wearing Confederate flag — before Black man confronts him and beats him up

A video posted to Reddit shows a group of apparent livestreamers walking down a city street, one of them proudly wearing a Confederate flag draped around his body. At one point, he’s confronted by a Black pedestrian and a fight ensues.

The video starts out with the pedestrian walking up to the man in the Confederate flag and confronting him, at one point faking a punch and causing the man to flinch back.

“Turn the camera off,” the pedestrian says. “I’m about to knock him out.”

The flag-draped man put his hands up in a defensive posture while his friends warn the pedestrian they’re going to call the police.

“Call the police, I don’t care!” the pedestrian says. “He’s racist.”

The pedestrian then starts to walk away, but looks back and sees the flag-draped man with his hands still up in a fighting stance, which enrages the pedestrian. The two square up to fight, and the pedestrian immediately lands a left to the man’s face. The man responds with a swing and a miss, but the pedestrian responds by landing another shot, stunning the man. Another punch then puts the man on his butt.

When it became clear the pedestrian won the fight, someone in the livestream started yelling, “Hit that n*****!”

Watch the video below:

Man gets beat up for wearing confederate flag and saying n word
by u/Eliasxl15gaming in PublicFreakout

Sky Palma

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