Video shows off-duty cop viciously beating 72-year-old man while sitting on top of him

A Massachusetts police officer has been placed on paid leave after he was arrested for assault and battery, WCVB reported.

Hull Police Department Sgt. Scott Saunders was arrested on July 24 over the incident that took place while he was off duty. He was charged with assault and battery causing injury to a victim who is over age 60.

A neighbor of the victim caught the incident on video, showing Saunders beating 72-year-old Harry Horsley.

“Here I am, 72 years old. I shouldn’t be taking a punch from anybody, let alone a Police sergeant,” Horsley told 25 News.

Horsley said he driving home when he saw Saunders carrying a paddleboard on the narrow street. Horsley says Saunders hit his car with the board as he passed by.

When Horsley got out of his car and asked Saunders why he hit the car, he says the off duty officer pushed him down and punched him.

“He bull-rushed me down to the ground. Landed on top of me, I’m on my back. He pounded away, I’m like this trying to protect myself from getting hit worse,” Horsley said.

“He should have known that everything he has done, was wrong. You don’t assault somebody that’s a senior. You just don’t do it, it’s unheard of,” Horsley said.

Watch a report on the story below:

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