Video shows popular TV weatherman get sucker-punched during road rage incident

A dash cam video shows a Texas weatherman getting sucker-punched by a motorist after a traffic incident, AutoBlog reported.

Avery Tomasco, a meteorologist for CBS Austin News in Austin, is shown in video footage merging onto one of the feeder roads that run next to Texas highways. That’s when a Toyota Prius driver pulled into Tomasco’s lane and bumped his bumper.

When the Prius driver didn’t stop, Tomasco followed him until the Prius driver pulled into a parking lot. When Tomasco, who had his young daughter in the car, got out to take pictures of the damage, the Prius driver walked up to him without saying a word and threw a punch.

Luckily, Tomasco moved his head just in time to avoid the full force of the punch.

“I yelled for help and got away from him as quickly as I could, and thankfully an off-duty police officer was nearby to help calm the situation and keep the peace,” he said in a post to Twitter.

“First, I’m fine other than minor cuts and bruising. My daughter is also fine and none the wiser. But that is probably the most scared for my life I’ve ever been. Dude was so out of his mind that a field sobriety test was conducted. He passed, but had full rage in his eyes,” he said.

“Because of clear video evidence, I’m able to press charges and he will have an arrest warrant issued soon. He will be taken to jail in the near future. His insurance will also have to fix my bumper and who knows what else.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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