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Video shows ‘racist Karens’ snub Megan Markle as she greets people mourning Queen Elizabeth

Meghan Markle joined Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton outside Windsor Castle on Saturday and greeted crowds of people mourning the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II. But as video circulating the internet shows, she wasn’t always greeted warmly.

The video shows Markle walking past three mourners who were standing behind a barricade. When Markle offered her hand, the first woman replied with a simple smirk. The second woman took the opportunity to instead adjust her sunglasses. The third woman keeps her head down.

While the reason for the snubs is not known, Markle’s popularity in the UK has plummeted ever since she quit the royal family in 2019. Some have attributed the snubs to the country’s “racism problem.”

“…notice how they’re all middle-aged white women?” one person on Twitter wrote.

Watch the video below:

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