Video shows Texas GOP House Speaker so drunk he was propping himself up with one arm

Video posted to Twitter shows the Texas Speaker of the House acting intoxicated as he conducts business at the state capitol, slurring his words and at certain points speaking unintelligibly.

Drunk or not, something was clearly wrong with Rep. Dade Phelen (R-Beaumont) and people all across Twitter, even from his side of the political aisle, didn’t hold back on pointing it out.

“TX Speaker of the House @DadePhelan came to the Capitol so drunk he was slurring words and propping himself up with one arm. Resign, Dade,” tweeted Blaze TV’s Sara Gonzales. “You are a disgrace to the office.”

“Anyone who watches the #txlege House knows many of the members are regularly intoxicated,” tweeted former Texas GOP Rep. Jonathan Stickland. “Watching the Speaker be this wasted is absolutely unacceptable. These Representatives are making laws that impact 30 million Texans. It must stop.”

Conservative commentator Greg Price wondered (albeit sarcastically) if Phelen was having a stroke.

“This is video from last night in the Texas House of Representatives where it appears that TX House Speaker Dade Phelan is either really drunk or having a stroke,” Price tweeted

Either way, it looks like a party at the Texas Capitol.

Sky Palma

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