Video shows white man spewing racism at Asian family: ‘Trump is gonna f*ck you’

Video of a man spewing racist insults to an Asian family at a California restaurant is going viral on social media. According to Jordan Chan, the incident happened when her family was out celebrating her aunt’s birthday on July 4 at a restaurant in Carmel Valley.

“We were singing happy birthday. We were just taking pictures and goofing around with each other and then all of a sudden the man, Michael Lofthouse, starts making really loud racist remarks at us,” Chan told a local CBS affiliate.

That’s when she took out her phone and began recording.

“Trump’s gonna f*ck you,” the man says.

“You f*ckers need to leave,” he adds. “F*cking Asian piece of sh*t.”

At that point, a waitress intervenes and tells the man to get out and never come back.

Social media users did some sleuthing and found out the man is named Michael Lofthouse, and is the founder of a San Francisco IT company.

Watch the video below:

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Sky Palma

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