Video surfaces of Jeff Sessions grilling Sally Yates in 2015 on her ability to say ‘no’ to the president

In the wake of President Trump‘s firing of acting Attorney General Sally Yates, video from her 2015 Senate confirmation hearing has reemerged, where none other than Trump attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions questions her on her ability to stand up to the president.

“You have to watch out because people will be asking you to do things and you need to say no. You think the Attorney General has the responsibility to say no to the President if he asks for something that’s improper?” Sessions asked.

“A lot of people have defended the [Loretta Lynch] nomination, for example, by saying ‘well, he appoints somebody who’s going to execute his views, what’s wrong with that?’” Sessions asked, referring to Obama’s Attorney General nominee. “But if the views the President wants to execute are unlawful, should the Attorney General or the Deputy Attorney General say no?”

Yates responded: “Senator, I believe the Attorney General or the Deputy Attorney General has an obligation to follow the law and the Constitution and to give their independent legal advice to the President.”

Yates was fired by Trump after she told the Justice Department not to defend his immigration ban. She also said that she believe that Trump’s executive order barring immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries was illegal.

Watch the video below:

Featured image via screen grab. To follow Sky Palma, click here.

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1 Comment

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