VIDEO: Televangelist says soldiers with PTSD should be ‘guiltless’ because they’re ‘esteemed by God’

Appearing on a Veteran’s Day broadcast of the Believer’s Voice of Victory program, Kenneth Copeland and David Barton quoted the Book of Numbers to reassure soldiers that there’s no need to suffer from PTSD — because they are “esteemed and venerated by God.”

Reading from Numbers 32, Copeland said that soldiers who fight in war “shall return guiltless before the Lord” because they are doing the work of God.

“You listen to me,” Copeland said. “You get rid of that right now. You don’t take drugs to get rid of [PTSD]. It doesn’t take psychology — that promise right there will get rid of it.”

Barton agreed, saying that “members of the faith hall of fame [in the Bible] were warriors who took so many people out in battle,” proving that “when you do it in God’s way, not only are you guiltless for having done that, you are esteemed.”


H/t Right Wing Watch

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