VIDEO: Texas abortion rights activist alleges Rick Perry’s sister will profit from new regulations

A Texas abortion rights activist who became a media sensation after her forced removal from the Texas senate — in the midst of her testimony — is now turning her focus to Gov. Rick Perry and his possible conflict of interest in regards to the Texas abortion bill.

Appearing on MSNBC this Monday, Sarah Slamen alleged that Republicans are attempting to shoot down reports that suggest Rick Perry’s sister would benefit financially form a provision that would require all abortions to be performed in ambulatory surgical centers.

Milla Perry Jones, who is the Texas governor’s sister, is vice president of government affairs for a surgical partners firm and also sits on the board of the Texas Ambulatory Surgical Society. Critics claim that the new abortion laws will force women to turn to the more costly care offered by the centers — which fall under the control of the groups that Perry’s sister is connected to.

“I think I will directly go towards impugning the character of the governor and his sister who would limit health care access for half the population of Texas in the guise of our health when actually it just goes to support them financially,” Slamen said.

Hear Sarah Slamen’s comments at about 05:04 in the video below.

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