Views for Tucker Carlson’s new Twitter show have dropped 86 percent since its launch

After being fired from Fox News while he was the network’s most popular host, Tucker Carlson threw his lot in with Twitter and Elon Musk and seemed to be on the road to media recovery.

Carlson launched his new show Tucker on Twitter in June to what seemed to be a strong showing of audience numbers. As Insider points out, his first show brought in over 26 million “video views,” which is a Twitter metric that records a view as anyone who watches a video for more than 2 seconds.

While the metric’s reliability has been questioned, it has nevertheless declined significantly since the show’s launch, with Carlson’s most recent show only getting 3.8 million video views, marking a drop of 86 percent.

Carlson was fired in April by Fox News Carlson in April, just after the network settled a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems over false claims made on the network regarding the 2020 election. Fox hasn’t publicly revealed the reason for Carlson’s firing, but it came after Dominion released text messages showing Carlson criticizing the network.

“The downtrend in Carlson’s own viewers coincides with the overall decline of Twitter,” Insider’s report stated. “Last month, The New York Times reported that the platform’s advertising sales had dropped by 59%, likely in part because of what the outlet called an “unprecedented rise” in hate speech on the platform.”

Sky Palma

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