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Vimeo to Mike Lindell after banning his account: ‘We wish you the best of luck!’

MyPillow CEO and pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell has had his Vimeo account “terminated” by the company, The Daily Beast reports. Now when users click on pages for the “Lindell Management” Vimeo account, they’ll be greeted by a message that says, “Sorry, we couldn’t find that page” message appears.

In a phone interview with The Daily Beast, Lindell said the move was “worse than what Twitter did to me and my company.”

“This affects my business, the Lindell Recovery Network, and the entrepreneurs who I work with,” Lindell said.

Lindell shared a screenshot of what he says was an email he and his team received from Vimeo on Wednesday after his account was shut down.

“Your account was terminated for violating Vimeo’s Terms of Service…and Community Guidelines,” the email in the screenshot read, according to the Beast. “We do not allow accounts that upload content created by or mainly featuring a banned user. As the purpose of your account is to promote content from a banned user, it has been removed. We wish you the best of luck in finding a hosting platform better suited to your needs.”

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