Virgin Islands subpoenas Elon Musk in Jeffrey Epstein lawsuit

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been subpoenaed by the U.S. Virgin Islands seeking documents for the government’s lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase in regards to a sex trafficking operation conducted by billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was a longtime customer of the bank, CNBC reported.

The Virgin Islands tried unsuccessfully to serve Musk with the April 28 subpoena, which is over suspicion that Epstein “may have referred or attempted to refer” Musk as a client to JPMorgan. The subpoena demands that Musk turn over any documents showing communication involving him, JPMorgan and Epstein, as well as “all Documents reflecting or regarding Epstein’s involvement in human trafficking and/or his procurement of girls or women for consensual sex.”

The Virgin Islands is suing JPMorgan for doing business with Epstein despite knowledge that he trafficked young women to his private island in the territory where he and others sexually abused them. JPMorgan denies the claims.

“Upon information and belief, Elon Musk — the CEO of Tesla, Inc., among other companies — is a high-net-worth individual who Epstein may have referred or attempted to refer to JPMorgan,” the Virgin Islands said in its filing.

“The Government contacted Mr. Musk’s counsel via email to ask if he would be authorized to accept service on Mr. Musk’s behalf in this matter but did not receive a response confirming or denying his authority,” the filing said.

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Sky Palma

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