Watch a Satanist school Fox’s Megyn Kelly on the Constitution

Speaking to the Satanic Temple’s Lucien Greaves about his organization’s decision not to erect a statue of Baphomet at the Oklahoma state capitol now that the state Supreme Court ordered the removal of a Ten Commandments monument, Fox News “Kelly File” host Megyn Kelly seemed a little baffled by the decision – along with the fact that she was talking to a real live Satanist.

“So, is it like ‘Lucien’ as in ‘Lucifer’?” Kelly started out, referring to Greaves’ assumed name. “Is that why you’re called that?”

“Sure, as you like,” Greaves replied.

“No, as you like,” Kelly continued. “Is that your birth name?”

“No, it’s not,” answered Greaves — whose birth name is Doug Mesner.

“What are the deeply held beliefs that drew you to the Satanic Temple?” Kelly asked.

“We have seven tenets, you can look them up online,” Greaves replied. “But essentially, we view Satan as a symbolic embodiment of rebellion against tyranny.”

“So now you’re happy because you got the Ten Commandments taken down — but are you still pushing to have the goat with the horns put on the state capitol grounds?” Kelly asked.

“No,” he replied, “the whole point of the statue was to complement the monument and reaffirm that we live in a pluralistic nation that respects diversity and religious liberty.”

Later in the segment, Kelly pointed to a United States Supreme Court ruling in 2005 that a monument at the Texas state capitol was constitutional because “a reasonable observer, mindful of history, purpose, and context, would not conclude that this passive monument conveyed the message that the State endorsed religion.”

“That’s different because this case was about the Oklahoma state constitution,” Greaves shot back.

“It’s not that different,” Kelly claimed.

“It’s entirely different,” he replied. “Texas is a moot point. You’re talking about two different constitutions.”

Watch the entire exchange below via Fox News:

Featured image: Salon

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