Watch famed atheist Richard Dawkins read his hate mail

There are some real gems in the emails ‘overly zealous’ religious folks have sent famed atheist Richard Dawkins emails over the years. Gems that are so priceless, the Professor decided to share a few of them with his fans a few months back.

It’s great how Dawkins keeps his polite, British tone along with phonetically reading the emailers’ poor grammar and spelling, all without skipping a beat.

“You suck, stupid atheist scum. You are a disgrace to humanity you stupid delusional atheist,” one email reads.

“You’re a total hypocrite because you’re always accusing religious people of having faith yet you clearly have the faith in science. You accept every single fact in science without ever questioning it because you’re gay.”

Then there’s my personal favorite:

“F-ck you, you f-cking f-g. What will you think when you are being basted in the broth of God’s righteous indignation?” I look forward to observing from my post in Heaven the exquisite tortures you will suffer at the hands of the just and loving God, whom you have rejected you f-cking f-cker.”

Praise the Lord.

Watch (NSFW):

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