WATCH: Fisherman with perfect aim snags a drone flying over California pier

When Tice Ledbetter sent his drone out exploring around the Southern California coast, he didn’t expect it be a target for a fisherman on a pier – with impeccable aim.

The showdown was all caught the drone’s video camera. As it hovered over a pier on San Diego’s Pacific Beach, the craft caught the eye of a fisherman, who was able to nab it with one cast of the line from his fishing rod.

He ultimately wasn’t able to reel the drone in, but the fishing line can be seen dangling from the drone as it tries to gain altitude to get away.

Tice wasn’t too happy with the fisherman’s antics, referring to him as a “jerk” in the video’s description online.

“Gotta admit though, that cast was spot on!” he added.


[The Daily Dot] Featured image via YouTube

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